Women Entrepreneurship

RVL was founded by industry experts to provide essential skills, know-how and counselling to aspiring women entrepreneurs for creating a fair and just society through women empowerment. We specialize in Marketing Strategy & Content development. We understand that a woman juggles between personal aspirations and family responsibilities ,hence at RVL we acknowledge her as a whole person who comes with business aptitude and is a caregiver at the same time. Our solutions enable women to overcome challenges in order to achieve a fine balance between the two roles. We offer following solutions :

Women entrepreneurship , women empowerment, women in business, marketing strategy for statrtups
  • Devising marketing strategy.
  • Content creation for ¬†websites, videos , blogs, social media posts , newsletters & brochures etc.
  • Writing business plans and pitch decks to attract funding from investors .
  • Support in selecting a business idea for best product -market fit.
  • Curated information about the following :
    • Funding options and government schemes
    • Information pertaining to company formation
  • Personal counselling & mentoring to handhold in business and in personal challenges which hinder success.
  • Confidence building workshops.
  • Networking platforms & access to our partner institutions.
Sonia Bakshi Founder Dance to Fitness
Nidhi K M Founder Viharin.com
Upasana Manral Certified Management Accountant

Abhinav Soti – Digital Marketing expert

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