Early interventions for promoting entrepreneurship and student start-ups

Strategies for encouraging youngsters to take up entrepreneurship are implementable at two levels namely, Building desirable attitudes amongst students by family and school. External ecosystem whose stakeholders are business entities, government and the academic institutions. Entrepreneurial mind-set is acquired from the family at a very early stage. Youngsters from business families pick up an attitudeContinue reading “Early interventions for promoting entrepreneurship and student start-ups”

Funding options for start-ups

According to the government statistics, India has the third largest start up ecosystem in the world. A YOY growth rate of 12- 15% is expected. In 2019 alone there were 13 new tech startups which means an average of 2-3 tech startups every day. In 2018, the startups created about 40,000 new jobs. Bangalore hasContinue reading “Funding options for start-ups”