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An Online education company

Problem: The revenues were constantly dropping month on month and a heavy investment was being pumped in continuously.

Solution: We worked with the client on establishing a product – market fit. Focus was on the value creation for the customer to make the service irresistible, which would in turn boost up the sales. We conducted primary research of their existing customers and those who had left them or didn’t join after one free trial. The research was conducted through an open-ended questionnaire to understand the customer perception of the service quality, price and the appropriateness of the courses offered, age group of the children to be targeted.

We also observed their classrooms and analyzed the balance sheet and the revenue graph vis a vis the costs incurred. Additionally we also gathered competitor information.


After summing up all the observations we made recommendations regarding the courses which would be more worthwhile for customers, pedagogy for teaching , a newer age group of students to be targeted for value to be felt by the customer and the pricing strategy.

Client Feedback : RVLF has helped us pave way for our marketing. They helped us recognize the problems we were facing and structured the process. They have been very responsive and supporting throughout. Their solutions have helped us in deeper understanding of our service.

A Vocational training Institute

Problem : The client met us at the initial stages of being set up. They required advise on their communication strategy for attracting students.

Solution : We conducted secondary research of their competitors and the target market and also understood the intent and motivation of the founder to start the venture. Based on the inputs we created their Vision and Mission statement and identified their Unique selling proposition ( USP). We created  their tagline and the content for their entire website and the other marketing collaterals such as brochures and blog posts.

Client feedback:

I’m happy with the hand holding that was provided.  RVLF understood my vision  very clearly and provided very apt content for my start up. I’m glad to be associated with RVLF.

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