Increasing sales with content marketing

All you want is to get enquiries from qualified leads which have a very high probability of converting into customers. After you have put much thought on your product and other operational matters , the whole trick of the business is to be where your customers are, to get noticed and subsequently become a preferredContinue reading “Increasing sales with content marketing”

How to increase student enrolment in higher education?

While marketing is essential for attracting students, it cannot be effective in the absence of a sound value proposition. The word-of-mouth publicity is the most effective marketing tool for educational institutions. In a digital era, the institutions can directly reach the palm tops of their target customer, which sounds interesting, however mere accessibility is not a factor to be cheered because the digital space is overcrowded and standing out is a challenge. How can the institutions ensure the right mix of marketing and Value proposition for higher enrolments?

Where Is My Voice In The Noisy World Of Social Media

By Rohini Vaishnavi There is a lot of noise all over the social media platforms with everyone trying to showcase their talent and offerings, especially because of the pandemic. Speakers and listeners both are fatigued. Speakers are fatigued because they can’t woe the audience even if they make their pearls of wisdom available for freeContinue reading “Where Is My Voice In The Noisy World Of Social Media”

Changing marketing Paradigm with changing customer expectations

By Rohini Vaishnavi Marketing Strategist, Management Educator, Entrepreneur & Social worker The need for social distancing & the low purchasing power of the consumers on account of COVID 19, has changed the business paradigm. This has induced changes in the purchase preferences of consumers and in the way they shop. Some of the changes mayContinue reading “Changing marketing Paradigm with changing customer expectations”